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Complete Dentures

You But Better

At Gem Denture Clinic we pride ourselves on "Designing Natural".  The team will work with you to customize a smile that looks natural.  Whether you want to duplicate the aesthetic of the smile you are already happy with or create a new and improved you, we can help!

Complete Dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, either upper, lower or both.  A proper fit designed by a skilled, trained Denturist is imperative to the comfort and function of your dentures.  

At Gem Denture Clinic one of our friendly Denturists will examine your mouth and take time with you to evaluate your gums, soft tissues, bone quality and denture history to determine the best treatment plan to provide you with the best fit possible.

Our complete dentures are designed on state-of-the-art computer software using digital CAD programming, allowing almost complete freedom in achieving the aesthetic you have in mind.  

One of your treatment appointments will be the delivery of a "try-in" denture.  These "trial" dentures are printed on a 3D printer and allow your Denturist to evaluate the fit and function of your new dentures and provide you the opportunity to see exactly what your new dentures will look like and request changes if needed.  These temporary dentures can be worn home to show your family and loved ones prior to committing to your final dentures.  

Call the clinic today to schedule your free consultation.

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